Ultimate Home Control in Your Pocket

Indigo Touch is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch optimized application for controlling lighting, appliances, HVAC, and sprinklers from anywhere. It can automatically connect to the Indigo home control software running on your Mac and communicate with INSTEON and X10 compatible hardware. Now you can adjust your home's thermostat, run the sprinkler, and turn off the lights from anywhere in the world!

Single touch access to
all Indigo Devices

Save energy by adjusting
your thermostat anywhere

Run and pause your
sprinkler schedule

Access custom graphical
Control Pages


Try Indigo Touch with Just Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You can download Indigo Touch onto your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch to demo it even without owning Indigo or any home automation hardware. Your house won't really be controllable of course, but you can get a feel for how Indigo Touch works.

  1. Download Indigo Touch from Apple's iTunes App store.
  2. Sync your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch with iTunes to install the application.
  3. Launch Indigo Touch.
  4. Choose the Demo Server connection option from the Settings panel.

You can now control the devices configured on our Demo Server in Vegas. If other users are also connected to the Demo Server, then you may see live updates to device states (on/off, brightness, thermostat settings, etc.) as they control devices.

Or Get the Free Trial of Indigo for Your Mac

Indigo Touch will also connect to the free trial version of Indigo running on your Mac. You'll be able to rename devices, define automation schedules and logic, and much more. If you have INSTEON or X10 modules and the other required hardware then you'll be able to control them with your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. But even without any home automation hardware, you'll be able to install Indigo on your Mac to see how well it works with your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

  1. Download a free 30 day trial copy of Indigo. Be sure to download the latest version of Indigo.
  2. Register for a free 30 day trial code.
  3. Run the Indigo installer on your Mac; then launch Indigo.
  4. Press the Start Local Server... button.
  5. Choose the Start and connect to Indigo Server on this computer radio button in the Start Local Server dialog.
  6. Press the Start Server button in the Start Local Server dialog.
  7. Launch Indigo Touch on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.
  8. Press the Settings button and choose your Indigo Server name.

If your Indigo Server name is not listed, then make sure both the Block all incoming connections and Enable stealth mode checkbox options are unchecked inside your OS X System Preferences / Security / Firewall / Advanced... panel.

Indigo Touch Features

  • Native support for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in a single universal binary app (no guessing which version to get!)
  • Instant control and access to all your Z-Wave, INSTEON, and other supported hardware.
  • One touch UI controls for lighting, appliances, sprinklers, HVAC.
  • Execute any Indigo defined Action Groups.
  • View any Indigo defined Variables (temperature, home mode, etc.).
  • Real time updates of all hardware (brightness, temperature, active zone, etc.).
  • Real time updates of all variable values.
  • Control Page viewer for custom user defined UI pages.
  • Supports all screen orientations on current devices
  • Optimized for WiFi / 3G / Edge connectivity.
  • Bonjour enabled to get you connected with a single touch (no IP addresses needed!).
  • Easy remote access from anywhere via optional reflector subscription (eliminates all router configuration and dynamic IP address problems).
  • URLs that can be used to launch Indigo Touch to specific places in the app (device list, control page, etc.)

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