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Automating your home with Indigo

Indigo is an intelligent home automation server for Mac OS X that integrates an assortment of hardware modules to provide complex automation and control of your home in one easy to use environment. Home automation is more than just another way to directly control your environment. You can save money, conserve water, help secure your home and reduce electrical usage by automating your home with Indigo's unlimited scheduling and control logic.

Of course, you'll sometimes want to directly control your devices, so Indigo provides tools that allow you to do that from mobile devices anywhere in the world. Indigo is the complete solution for your home automation needs with unparalleled ease of use.

Manage events, actions, and control interfaces

Indigo makes creating and managing your home automation simple. Add devices, create triggers and schedules, add actions, and create custom user interfaces with best-in-class tools with the typical Mac ease of use. Get help when and where you need it with contextual menus that link you to the online documentation. We even help you connect with other users to share your experiences and ask questions.

Manage devices, triggers
schedules, and groups

Define event triggers like
a button press

Trigger actions, such as
running a sprinkler schedule

Quickly create Web browser
accessible control pages

You're in control from anywhere

Once you've created your automation system, much of it will just automatically work - that's the primary goal of an automation system. One significant benefit of adding intelligence to the objects in your home is added direct control options. Separate client applications give you control and access to your home remotely from other Macs, PCs, internet tablets, PDAs, and mobile phones. Indigo Touch, our native app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allows seamless remote control of your home from virtually anywhere as does our built-in web server.

Indigo is the brains of your home

Indigo provides you with the tools to create, manage, automate, and control your home.

Check out our detailed competitive comparison charts which provide an in-depth list of features supported by Indigo and how those features compare to other solutions.

Lite or Pro

Indigo comes in 2 versions: Indigo Lite and Indigo Pro. Indigo Lite is intended for users that only control a few lights, etc., while Pro is for those who want more complete automation of their home, which might include 3rd Party Plugins to control other types of devices. See the version comparison chart for details and to determine which version is right for you. If you decide to upgrade later, you simply buy a Pro upgrade code to unlock all the Pro features - no need to reinstall or reconfigure.

How does it work (what is Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10)?

Indigo communicates with Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 compatible devices, such as light switch modules, sprinkler controllers, and appliance modules, to both control your home and get the status of devices in your home (motion and temperature sensors, garage and other doors and windows, energy usage etc.). Most INSTEON and X10 devices use your existing home wiring to communicate although some use wireless RF. All Z-Wave devices communicate via wireless RF.

To communicate with INSTEON and X10 compatible devices, Indigo supports the PowerLinc (2412U, 2413U) and the INSTEON Portable USB adaptor (2448A7) home control interfaces. Indigo also supports several X10 home control interfaces such as the ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), CM10/11, and the W800RF and MR26 for X10 RF.

Indigo communicates with Z-Wave devices via the Aeotec Z-Stick Series 2 USB interface or the HomeSeer Z-Troller (aka EZController) serial interface (this one requires a serial-to-USB adaptor for use with your Mac).

Our supported hardware page has details on the different types of devices compatible with Indigo, like switch modules, lamp modules, appliance modules, motion detectors, and remote controls.

Indigo Pro also supports additional hardware types, like Philips Hue bulbs, Sonos Audio Players, Nest Thermostats, various Alarm panels, etc., through the use of 3rd Party Plugins. Check our plugin list for all currently available plugins.

System Requirements

• Mac with either an Intel or PowerPC G5 or G4 (867 MHz or higher) processor, and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher (Mountain Lion Compatible)

• To use Z-Wave, INSTEON, and/or X10, you'll need one of the compatible interfaces listed on our supported devices page

Note: If you do not have the required hardware, you can still use the software in offline mode.

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