Indigo 6 Version Comparison Chart

Since Indigo 6 is sold in Lite and Pro versions, we've prepared the following chart to help you decide which version is right for you. Are you looking to compare Indigo to other Home Automation solutions? Check out our competitive comparison charts. Note: INSTEON integration requires one of the USB INSTEON interfaces which are currently only available in North America.

Feature Lite Pro
iPhone/iPod touch native client
Remote Mac Client Access  
Basic Web Interface
Custom Graphical Control Pages  
Device Limit 20 None
Device Type Support
   Dimmer and On/Off Devices (Z-Wave, INSTEON, X10)
   Motion Sensors (Z-Wave, INSTEON, X10)
   Controllers (RemoteLinc, KeypadLinc, Minimote, etc.)
   Sprinklers (INSTEON & X10)  
   Thermostats (Z-Wave & INSTEON)  
   I/O Devices (I/O-Linc, EZIOxx, etc.)  
Complex Conditional User Interface
   AppleScript Conditionals  
Feature Lite Pro
Triggers (Events, State Changes, etc.)
   Specific Time, Sunrise/Sunset Offset, Randomized
   Specific Date, Every X days, Day of week
   Days of Month, Specific Days of Month  
   Repeat Every X Weeks/Months/Years, Start/End Date  
Email Sending
Email Receiving (POP)  
SQLite/PostgreSQL Logging  
   Python Scripting Support  
   Server & Indigo Web Server (IWS) Plugins  
   AppleScript Support  
Advanced INSTEON Device Configuration Options  
Log Window